The Ruminant Podcast Interview with Jordan Marr


I met Jordan at the Permaculture Voices 2 (PV2) Conference in San Diego last month.  He, has an incredible podcast.  He asks challenging questions, he asks relevant questions and he has a great way of simplifying complex statements. I highly recommend you explore his site, listen to his past shows and keep up with his current ones.  This guy is on top of it.

He was curious about the work being done in the soil food web world and so, we talked.

Here it is…


Eat Local For Less

Julie Castillo has written a book that is illuminating to the whole foods consumers.  She discusses why seeking out local food is essential to individual health and community health. She gives pointers on how to find local sources of nourishing food and important questions to ask producers.  Check this book out!

Also, I have written a small bit in there about the soil food web and it’s role in creating nourishing food…my first time being published. 🙂

Purchase a copy