If you’re in Minneapolis, you should know this guy

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Minneapolis parks employee demographics show that the workforce is overwhelmingly white. Russ is working to help the MPRB institute hiring and promotional practices that will require equitable hiring and promotion of people of color.  Because equity isn’t about using nice words, equity means equal access to resources like jobs.


Your support is needed to help Russ win for equitable parks by showing up on 2 dates:

  • April 4th, Precinct Caucuses and,
  • June 24th, City Convention

Click here to become a delegate for Russ!

And you can show your support by donating here.

Together we can grow People Powered Parks!  

Russ Henry
Candidate At-Large for Minneapolis Park Board



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Terra Tek Ag Services Brings HER to MO for Soil Health Course


February 22, 2017 ~ Hickory Log~ Dexter, MO

~9:00 – 4:00~

$150.00 includes lunch

  • Approx. 2 Hr. discussion on “Below the Surface Bio-diversity”
  • “A Microscopic View of Mineral Balanced Soils” (3 local soils analyzed)Establishing microbial benchmarks and the appropriate compost systems
  • Open discussion on composting systems and implementing into farming operation

Space is limited.  Reserve your spot/s with Damon (573) 270-0513 or email damonkirkdowdy@gmail.com

Instructor:  Molly C. Haviland

Molly is the founder of Haviland Earth Regeneration (HER), the Soil building company.  In 2012, she gained her BS in Sustainable Living with a focus in The Living Soil. Under the mentorship of Dr. Elaine Ingham since 2010, Molly has been working with farmers, grazers and compost operations across the globe in engaging regenerative Soil practices. She is one of a handful of Certified Soil Life Consultants in the world. Her specialties include training her students to: 1) identify soil food web organisms in Soils and Soil building products through easy and affordable microscope methods, 2) create local Soil building products such as living Composts, Compost Extracts and Compost Teas, and 3) successfully integrate living Soil products into growing systems. The primary goals of HER are to build living Soil as quickly as possible, grow nutrient dense crops, and train people to do this for themselves!  A living Soil is the primary life sustenance that can retain and cycle nutrients, sequester carbon, filter water, and breakdown toxins. It is the buffer for a myriad of climactic changes that our growers are experiencing across the globe. “