Soil Building Workshop in New Zealand

Hello Friends,

Come to Tauranga, North Island New Zealand for a three day course consisting of 2 days of classroom learning at the Hotel Armitage in Tauranga, followed by a 1 day Field Trip to Chaos Springs Farm in Waihi.  A return bus will be provided for the Field Trip.

Follow the link below to register:

Kiwi Fertiliser in conjunction with Chaos Springs and MyNOKE Compost are hosting Haviland Earth Regeneration to discuss thermal and worm composting, and the benefits of their application in modern eco-agriculture.

HER will present pertinent and up-to-date knowledge on enhancing plant productivity through cultivation, identification, and documentation of soil organisms.  Your growing system can be more than organic – it can be regenerative.

With properly balanced soils and a diverse soil food web there will be:

  • Plant productivity reaching full potential
  • Disease resistance
  • Nutrient retention
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Water retention
  • Soil stabilisation
  • Reduction of weeds
  • Toxin breakdown
  • Less reliance on bought and bagged Nitrogen
  • Carbon sequestration

For more information please contact Ron McLean of Kiwi Fertiliser, on 0800 549 433 or email

I hope your growing season offers you health, wealth and happiness.  See you outside!


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