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There is still so much to be done on this Ranch.  It is wonderful to be recognized for the work the whole team is doing.  Thank you Eric Dillon for being a pioneer in the wheat and pasture world.  I am honored to be a part of this epic journey of expanding the microbe world in MT.  Guess what!  The saline seep that has been void of plant life for years is growing salt grass and our permanent wheat understory is coming in now.  It’s alive! Click Sandy Arrow to find the article.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.15.13 AM



I was so fortunate to be invited to be on this show, The Urban Monk.  If you would like to hear Pedram Shojai and I discuss the basics of soil health and soil life, then click here and sit back and watch me be all nervous on the media.  Hehehe…


I met Jordan at the Permaculture Voices 2 (PV2) Conference in San Diego last month.  He, has an incredible podcast.  He asks challenging questions, he asks relevant questions and he has a great way of simplifying complex statements. I highly recommend you explore his site, listen to his past shows and keep up with his current ones.  This guy is on top of it.

He was curious about the work being done in the soil food web world and so, we talked.

Here it is…

Julie Castillo was looking for some commentary on the importance of maintaining healthy soil and some advice for readers on conserving soil–both in their gardens and with their food choices. After some editing…page 36 happened.  More importantly, her work is a great addition to the home library, it should be present in produce sections all across the country.  Pour yourself a cup of tea and sit back, relax and salivate.  You will soon be visiting your local food growers for more reasons than flavor.

 Eat Local for Less:  The Ultimate Guide to Opting Out of Our Broken Industrial Food System by Julie Castillo


This is work done by a Maharishi University student for a graduate project.  He did a beautiful job.  It was such a pleasure to have him coming by the lab, being curious and artistic.






2 responses to “Variouse Media

  1. The video was great – looks like you had heaps more to share.
    Looking forward to seeing more

    Heaps of great work – keep it up 🙂

  2. I found your video really helpful. I would love to see it again but it seems to have been blocked, probably because of the background music at the end. Is there anyway you could edit the song out and upload it again?

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